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Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

What the Inbox Repair Tool Does:

When you run the Inbox Repair Tool on a Personal Folders (.pst) file, it does the following: The Inbox Repair Tool analyses the Personal Folders (.pst) file directory structure and item headers to try and recover all folders and items.

If the Inbox Repair Tool recovers the Personal Folders (.pst) file, it means that the repair tool found problems, and repaired what it could.

The Inbox Repair Tool tries to turn any file into a Personal Folders (.pst) file. (For example, if you rename an executable file to “Something.pst,” (without quotation marks) the tool changes the file to a mountable .pst file).

Recovered Personal Folders File

After you run the Inbox Repair Tool, start Outlook by using the profile that contains the Personal Folders (.pst) file that you tried to repair. On the View menu, click Folder List to turn on the Folder List view. In your Folder List, you should see the following recovered folders:

    Deleted Items
    Sent Items

These recovered folders are usually empty, because this is a rebuilt .pst file. You should also see a folder called “Lost And Found” (without quotation marks). This folder contains folders and items that the Inbox Repair Tool recovered. Items that are missing from the Lost and Found folder are beyond repair.

How to Recover Repaired Items:

You should move as many of the items from the Lost And Found folder to a new Personal Folders (.pst) file in your profile. First, create a new Personal Folders (.pst) file entry in your profile and drag any recovered items from the Lost And Found folder to the appropriate location in your new Personal Folders (.pst) file.


More Information

See this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information:

Applies To: Microsoft Office Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007

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