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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Dialing Instructions

IWU Dialing Instructions

All extensions on IWU's voice network are 4 digits in length. Site to site 4-digit dialing applies to the following IWU locations:

  • Marion
  • Indianapolis North Education Center
  • Indianapolis Education Center West
  • Fort Wayne Education Center
  • Greenwood Education Center
  • Merrillville Education Center
  • Cleveland Education Center (Rockside Road)
  • Dayton Education Center
  • Cincinnati Education Center
  • Lexington Education Center
  • Louisville Education Center

*When dialing between any of the above sites, please use the 4 digit extension. Do not dial as long distance or IWU toll free since both of these methods incur un-necessary long distance charges for IWU.

Local Calling

Dial 9 for an outside line followed by the 7-digit local number

Long Distance Calling

  • Using an IWU long distance account code:
    Dial 9 for an outside line followed by 1, then the 10 digit number beginning with the area code.
  • Using a calling card:
    For most cards, dial a 9 for an outside line, then the toll free number on your card. Follow the dialing instructions on your card.

Please Note: Charging personal long distance calls to Indiana Wesleyan University is not allowed.

International Calling

Dial 9 for an outside line followed by 011, then the international telephone number. If the system accepts what you have entered, you will be prompted for your university long distance code. Calls to areas of the world known to be at high risk for toll fraud are blocked. If your international call will not complete, contact the Call Center.

Some telephone system features are accessed by dialing a feature access code.

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