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How to record a Call Processor (auto attendant) from a phone that is not on the AVST voicemail system


After completing this how-to you will have successfully recorded an Announcement for a auto-attendant.

First Step

From a phone without AVST voicemail system dial 1111.

Second Step

Press the # key along with the number of the subscribers mailbox that is sponsoring the Call process (auto-attendant)

Third Step

Press 3 for the Phone Manager

Fourth Step

Press 1 for personal options

Fifth Step

Press 6 to record an announcement for a mailbox you sponsor and enter the mailbox number of the announcement that you are recording.

Sixth Step

Enter the passcode (contact network administrator)

Seventh Step

Follow the prompts to record and save the Announcement


What's Next

You have successfully recorded an Announcement. To verify call the extension of the auto-attendant mailbox.

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