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Data Center Access Policy


To control access to the Indiana Wesleyan University computer equipment systems facility.


The Indiana Wesleyan University Data Center is a limited access site.  Only IT personnel requiring regular access to the Data Center will be supplied with card access.

Visitor access is restricted to IT Staff, vendors, or service personnel.  These individuals must be escorted by authorized personnel and sign the "Server Room Access sign-in Sheet".  This list will include date, name, company, reason for entry, time-in and time-out.

All tours must be authorized by either the Vice President of I.T. or a member of the Systems Administration team.  All visitors touring the IWU Data Center must be accompanied by authorized IT personnel.  No photos or videos may be taken by any means.


  • Do not  bring in any food or beverages.
  • Keep the door closed and locked.
  • No custodial service will be used in Data Center.



This policy will affect all visitors to the Data Center


09-Apr-2012       - Approved by Michael Jamieson

13-Mar-2012     - This policy is a draft and is not yet in effect.

28-Apr-2009    -    Policy created


Policy Information

Data Policies        400.07.02


University Information Technology - Infrastructure

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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