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Provides a combined list of all the terms, acronyms, and abbreviations defined within the Knowledge Base. 



Directors of Client Relations (formerly CSR)

Directors of Client Relations were formerly known as CSRs (which stands for Customer Service Representative.)  IT has employed three Directors of Client Relations (CSR's), one for each of the primary business units: RES, NONRES, and CENTRAL.  These individuals are the primary points of contact for our customers for any question, comment, issue, escalation, or project request.  The current Directors of Client Relations are:

Residential (RES): Damon Richardson <>
National & Global (N&G): Damon Richardson <>
Central (CENT): Damon Richardson <>

Policies are guidelines or laws that drive the Processes and Procedures.


Procedures are the detailed steps required to perform an activity within a process.


A process is a high level view that defines a set of tasks, or procedures.

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