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Installed Audio/Video Equipment

Installation of Audio and Video Equipment

This equipment is best suited for installation in a university meeting space. The office of Institutional Media Technologies provides the following services, whenever they are needed for Audio and Video Presentation at campus locations.

  • offers professional consultation
  • assists with procurement,
  • coordinates system integration with service and utility providers,
  • development of policies,
  • maintenance of accurate inventories,
  • Provides equipment services,
  • Provides support for end users,
  • refreshes obsolete and aging technologies
  • coordinates in-warranty repair or replacement

Some restrictions apply. For more details, contact the Support Center


Typical requests for installation include:

Flat Panel Display (TV, Monitor)

Projector and Screen

Sound System

Wireless Video Transmission (Apple TV)

Laptop Audio and Video Signal Cables/Connections

Digital Signage

Document Camera/Visual Presenter

How to use Installed Audio and Video Equipment

Click here to visit some popular tutorials for installed audio and video equipment found in IWU's classrooms, labs and conference rooms. The page also includes tutorials of equipment that can be checked out from the Media Services desk at the Jackson Library, for use in a variety of locations.

If you know which classroom or building you will be using, you can preview the technology options of a particular room from this page.

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