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Support Center Phone Queue Status


On the home page of the Knowledge Base, below the Support Center contact information, you can see the current status of the Support Center telephone queue. It looks like this:


Support Center phone queue

The Support Center staff work very hard to respond to every phone call and email as quickly as possible while still giving every person the time and attention needed to ensure that their problems are solved and their questions are answered. We respect and value your time, and we hate it when people have to wait on us.

Unfortunately, there are times when too many people call us at the same time and we aren't able to answer every call right away. If this happens to you, we ask that you please stay on the line and give us a chance to speak with you after we've finished assisting the other callers. 

However, if you have a non-urgent request and would rather not wait on hold, you may want to check the phone queue status before calling. 

What does it mean?

The phone queue status shows the number of other callers who are already waiting in queue (on hold) to speak with the Support Center. In other words, this is the number of people who will be ahead of you in line if you choose to call right now.  In general, the larger this number, the longer you can expect to wait.

The phone queue status also shows the number of Support Center staff persons (agents) who are working at the moment. Agents who aren't currently engaged in assisting another customer are highlighted in black while agents who are already occupied are marked in gray. In general, the more agents working, the shorter you can expect to wait.

When should I call?

If you have an urgent need, please call immediately so that we can start working to solve your problem as soon as possible. If your request is not urgent you can still feel free to call the Support Center at any time. However, if you'd rather avoid waiting on hold, check the Support Center phone queue status for a time when there are many agents working and few other callers in the queue.

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