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CLEP Testing Computer Display Issue


Video on CLEP testing computer does not display properly.


Some of the laptops, specifically the Fujitsu S7220's, do not display the CLEP testing software correctly. Once the testing begins, the screen resolution becomes very small.


  1. Close out of any programs that may be running.


    Windows Version
    The instructions in this article are for Windows 7. If you are running a different version of Windows, the steps may have to be adapted.
  2. Disable the video driver by carrying out the following steps:
    • Click on the start button, then click on "control panel."
    • In the upper right hand corner of the control panel, change "View by:" to "Small icons."Capture2.PNG
    • Within the control panel, click on "Device Manager."
    • Click the arrow next to "Display adapters" to expand the category.Capture3.PNG
    • Right click on the device and click "Disable."Capture4.PNG
    • It will ask if you really want to take this action. Click "Yes."


      Once you click "Yes," the screen may go completely blank. If this happens, please follow the rest of the steps below.


  3. Shut down the computer. This can be tricky because although Windows is still running, you are operating the computer blindly. Use these key strokes in order to shut down the computer. Windows key (the one just to the left of the Alt key with the windows logo on it) | Right arrow | Enter. You should hear the computer power down and turn off.
  4. Re-boot the computer. You will notice that the resolution has changed. This is because the video driver has been disabled and Windows has installed a generic video driver.
  5. Log onto the TDMS server and administer the test.


    After this process has been done once, you should not have to repeat it. Unless you re-enable the driver, Windows will load with the generic driver. Additionally, should you ever have to re-enable and then disable the video driver, you will not lose video the second time.
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