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CLEP Testing Computer Setup



The CLEP testing system is set up with one PC used as a proxy server, one PC used as an Admin station, and multiple PC’s used as testing stations for student use. The proxy server and the admin console may be installed on the same computer. However, this configuration limits the number of testing stations to one. The testing center in the Student Center in Marion utilizes six computers, four of which are testing stations. All the regional sites have two computers, with one used for server/admin and the second used for a testing station. Computers at each location must be hardwired onto the network and must be on the same subnet. This article describes the software and settings needed to run the CLEP ibt (internet based testing) system.

Log In

Most of the computers are set up to auto log on. The “autologon” executable file may be found in \\iwufiles\common\uit\TechApps\. You will need to run it as Administrator. The following is a list of testing sites along with the log in name that each uses:

Cincinnati: cnec.clep
Cleveland: testing.clep
Columbus OH: coec.clep
Dayton: cnec.clep
Ft. Wayne: testing.clep
Greenwood: testing.clep
Indy North: testing.clep
Kokomo: testing.clep
Louisville: louclep
AGS Marion: ags.clep
Merrillville: testing.clep

Software Setup

There are three installation files needed for the setup. These files may be accessed at: \\iwufiles\common\uit\techapps\CLEP_DSST\

  1. "UnifyCPInstaller" is the app to be installed on the cache proxy computer.
  2. "UnifyAdminInstaller" is the app to be installed on the admin computer (for regional sites, this is the same as the cache proxy PC).
  3. "UnifyWksInstaller" is the app that needs to be installed on all student workstation computers.

The Windows Power Scheme should be set to “Never." This prevents the PCs, especially the admin and server PCs, from going into sleep mode and interrupting testing sessions.

Troubleshooting Tip

When score reports are printed, the CLEP software looks for Adobe Acrobat Reader 32-bit. This should be installed on the admin computer. If the 64-bit version of Adobe Reader is installed or if any other pdf software is installed instead of Adobe 32-bit, the software will not recognize it and you will get the error "Adobe not found."

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