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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

CS3000 Portable Barcode Scanner

Describes setup and usage of the CS3000 barcode scanner used to track attendance at auxiliary chapel events taking place at venues other than the chapel auditorium.



To Scan

Just point the eye at the top at the barcode scanner, and  press the '+' button. it will it will then beam a read laser bar, match the bar to the barcode you are scanning and you will hear a beep. See demonstration video above.

The scanner can not be plugged into the computer if you want to scan

To get the barcodes that were scanned

Plug the large side of provided USB cable into  PC, and plug smaller side of USB cable into scanner.  Choose Open Folder to View Files if prompted.  Your barcodes are in the file called BARCODES or BARCODES.TXT in the 'Scanned Barcodes' folder, this is a plain text file. See demonstration video above.

To delete barcode data

Delete BARCODES.TXT from 'Scanned Bardcodes' folder on scanner:


OR Scan Clear Data on Pg 3.7 in the manual


Time Synchronization

Setup and Run RTC Sync

Download RTCSync

Watch the demo below or read the Online Guide

click to play


The easy way

  1. Connect scanner to computer
  2. Download config file
  3. Copy config file to Parameters folder on the scanner


4. Unplug the scanner

5. Scan Reset code in the manual (Pg 3.4)
            * NOT THE Reset Factory Defaults

The Hard Way

Download and print out the manual

Scan the Following codes in order:

  1. Reset Factory Defaults (Pg 3.4)
  2. Clear Data (Pg 3.7)
  3. Disable All Symbologies (Pg 3.14)
  4. Wide Angle (Pg 3.11)
  5. Disable No Read (Pg 3.12)
  6. Linear Security Level 3 (Pg 3.16)
  7. Enable Bi-Directional Redundancy (Pg 3.16)
  8. Enable Codabar (Pg 4.39)
  9. Codabar - Any Length (Pg 4.40)
  10. Save Configuration (Pg 3.22)
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