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How to use Web Print to print remotely

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Web Print allows you to print from anywhere on IWU's campuses to the "Follow Me" printer (black & white) or the "Follow Me Color" printer (full color), and then release the print job by swiping your ID card at any of the ID reader enabled copiers on campus such as in Jackson Library. Learn more about how to use this feature on this page.

What is "Web Print"?

Web Print is a feature of PaperCut that allows you to submit a document for printing through a web page. This allows you to print your documents without installing a printer, and allows you to send a job to the printer ahead of when you'll need to pick it up. 

When you submit a print job through the Web Print feature, your document will be securely held for up to 8 hours allowing you to later visit a copier that has a card reader, swipe your ID, and print your document out. This can be useful if you'll have limited time between classes but need to have a physical print out of a paper or project. For example, you can submit a job at 8am and between your 9am class and your 10am class you can stop by the Library and walk up to the copier and swipe your ID card and grab your print out before heading to your next class.

8 Hour Time Limit:
Jobs submitted to the Web Print feature will only be held for 8 hours. An email notice will be sent to you 1 hour before your job is set to expire. Jobs that expire do not charge your printing funds.


Follow the steps below to access the Web Print feature, and how to utilize it at IWU.

First Step

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your IWU username and password
  3. Select the Web Print option on the left hand menu

Second Step

When the Web Print section loads:

  1. Click the green Submit a Job button
  2. Select the printer you wish to use
    • Follow Me (virtual) - This is used if your job will only need to be black and white
    • Follow_Me_Color (virtual) - This is used if you need color in your print job
  3. After selecting a printer, click the green Print Options and Account Selection button
  4. Enter the number of copies you'd like of your print job then click Upload Documents
  5. Either drag and drop your documents into the Drag files here area, or click the Upload from computer to browse for the files you wish to print
    Supported File Types:
    Web Print's supported file types are located just below the Drag files here box. Any of the formats listed can be uploaded and printed. If your file format isn't listed, you can convert your document to PDF and then submit it for printing.
  6. Once you upload your documents, click the green Upload & Complete button in the lower right
  7. Once your job is submitted, you'll see the total cost, and that the job is Held in queue and ready for you to visit a copier and swipe your ID card
When Accounts are Charged:
You will not be charged for your print job until you swipe your ID at a copier and the job successfully prints.

What's Next

Need to add printing funds to your account? Learn how to add funds here.



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