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Setup and Installation of Smitty's Simplistic Signage


Explains how to setup and install Smitty's Simplistic Signage, which can be used to fetch and run a powerpoint presentation in full screen mode. The application will then periodically check the network for updated content and then restart to display the new content.

Installation & Configuration


S3 requires that you have a Non-Office365 version installed (Office Pro Plus 2019 or 2021 etc.). The machine also must be configured to auto log in as digital.signage

Preliminary Setup


BIOS setting for digital signage should include:

  1. In the advanced settings under Boot Options, where is says "After Power Loss," the option "Power On" should be selected
  2. In the advanced settings under "Scheduled Power-On," every day should be checked and the hour and minute settings should both be 0


Powershell will need to be configured with the "remotesigned" execution policy. You can check the computer's execution policy by:

  1. Open up powershell
  2. Type: Get-Executionpolicy
  3. If the returned value is "Restricted" then you'll need to adjust the execution policy. See the steps below to do that

Setting Execution Policy

  1. Open powershell as an administrator (admin.<firstinitialLastname>)
  2. Type: set-executionpolicy -executionpolicy remotesigned  
  3. Press enter
  4. Press A to accept all and press enter 

Office Install

Any machine running S3 must have Office2019 or Office2021 installed (not office365). This can be installed via the application catalog.

First Step

  1. Sign in as digital.signage
  2. Copy the Smittys_Simplistic_Signage folder to your target computer (found in \\iwufiles\common\uit\techapps\)
  3. Then open up file explorer by pressing Windows Key + E and type %appdata% in the address bar and press enter
  4. Move the Smittys_Simplistic_Signage folder into this screen

Second Step

  1. Right click on DigitalSignScript.ps1 and choose Edit
  2. In the Variables to Edit section:
    1. Set $NetworkLocation to the file path where your powerpoint lives, for example: \\ocher\SharedSignGraphics\Maxwell\
      This path MUST end with a back slash, and the entire path must be contained within the double quotes
    2. Set $pptName to the name of your power point file, including the pptx extension for example: MyShow.pptx
      The name of the show can not contain any spaces in the name, so files need to be named without spaces, or with underscores instead of spaces
    3. Save the .ps1 file

Third Step

  1. Inside the  Smittys_Simplistic_Signage folder double click on DisableFlashingIcons.reg
  2. Click Yes when prompted to allow it to make changes to your computer
  3. You should get a prompt that says it was successfully merged
  4. Open a command prompt by pressing windows key and typing Command and choose to run it as administrator
  5. Type in cd \users\digital.signage\appdata\Roaming\Smittys_Simplistic_Signage  and press enter
  6. Type in EnvironmentSetup.reg and press enter and click yes on any prompts that appear

Fourth Step

  1. Open up Task Scheduler by pressing the windows key and typing "Task Scheduler" and press enter
  2. Click Import Task on the right side of the screen
  3. In the address bar at the top of the window type in %AppData% and press enter
  4. Select the DigitalSignageScheduledTask.xml and click Open
  5. Click OK
  6. Restart the computer


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