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Working on a Machine Configured for S3


S3 makes use of a few items that may make it challenging to perform remote work on the computer. This article will explain what you should do if you need to perform remote work to the device itself outside of simply updating the presentation.

Restarting Explorer.EXE

While S3 is running it will terminate explorer.exe to mitigate any popups or other windows notifications that would appear in front of the slide show presentation. To get the desktop interface back:

  • Connect with ScreenConnect to the sign
  • Send a Ctrl+Alt+Delete from the screen connect menu
  • Select Task Manager
  • Click File in the upper left
  • Click Run new task
  • In the box that appears, type: explorer.exe
  • Press enter or click OK

Scheduled Task

S3 uses a scheduled task to run the powerpoint if it isn't already running, or to relaunch when there's an updated pptx file. This script will also end the explorer.exe process to keep windows notifications etc. from appearing over top of the presentation.

To temporarily stop this scheduled task:

  1. Open Task Scheduler from the start menu
  2. Locate the task named DigitalSignageScheduledTask
  3. Right click on the task
  4. Select Disable

This will allow you to then work on the machine without the script interferring.


You MUST re-enable the scheduled task once you are finished working on the sign.

To restart S3:

  1. Enable the task, by following the same steps above, but selecting Enable for step 4 from above
  2. Right click on the task, and select Run, then close the task scheduler window (you must close it quickly as it'll dissapear shortly after clicking run)
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