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TimeClock Plus 4.2

TimeClock Plus 4.2 runs off of the server \\melon. The client software must be installed on a computer that is logged in as a user with access to melon.

To install the client software:

  1. Map a network drive to \\melon\TimeClock Plus 4.2.
  2. Run the setup file found in the "Install" folder on melon.
  3. Click on "Install Client."
  4. When you get to the "TimeClock Plus Folder Location," click the "Change" button and navigate to the network drive that you mapped in step 1.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

If the network drive does not show (step 4), do the following:

  • Cancel the installation.
  • Make the user an administrator on that machine.
  • Log off, then log back on again.
  • Re-run the installation. (This time, it should allow you to change the folder location to the mapped drive.)
  • Remove the user from the administrator group.
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