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Brightspace Automations

General Information

All of the process check.and/or update information with the D2L Api with C# projects and are running as scheduled tasks on DataExports.

Master Course Checker

Checks to see if the Master Course has been created for courses.  Checks for the following

  • No Template found
  • More than one Template
  • No Ancestor is type Department
  • Departments not matching
  • More than one course has the same code
  • Needs reparented

Fixes these automatically in Brightspace

  • Spaces on either end
  • The word master in code

Command Line:

-fixproblems  Specify to automatically fix what it can

-email  Send email of results

One and only one of these:

-daysahead=<num days ahead>  Specifiies the number of days ahead before the course start startdate to get

-enddate=<mm/dd/yyyy>  Specifies the the date to use as the latest start date of course


Scheduled Task: Daily 5:30AM

Location: \\dataexports\d$\Brightspace\D2LTools\D2LMasterCourseChecker.exe



Course Updater

Attempts to automatically set courses to active based on a window.

Command Line:

-setactive Specifies that we want to actually set the courses to active instead of just reporting

-email Send email of results

-daysback=<num days back>  Specifies the number of days back to look for courses to activate

Scheduled Task: Daily 5:30AM, 12:30PM




Looks at courses students or faculty are assigned to and attempts to enroll them into the proper Language OU in Brightspace based on the suffix of the course number in Colleague. 




Command Line (case insensitive) : 

-console   Outputs verbose information to the console

-live  Specifies to use live datasources for Brightspace and Colleague.  Otherwise it will use test instances except for enrollments stored in IWUDATA.

-addToOU   Specifies that the user should be added to the language OU in brightspace.otherwise it only reports that a user will be added

-updateLocale Specifies that locale will be updated for the user, this will only happen if the user has not already been enrolled in the language OU.

-email Email results.

Scheduled Task:


Repo:   (various branches)

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