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OneDrive For Business

OneDrive For Business

This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies. In addition, it contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations.

What OneDrive for Business IS

OneDrive for Business is a place where you can store, sync, and share your work files.  Take advantage of 1 TB of OneDrive for Business storage to manage your documents.

OneDrive for Business is Indiana Wesleyan University's officially supported cloud storage for collaborative documents. Personally provisioned cloud storage solutions (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Box, etc.) should not be used for storing department/institution data.

What OneDrive for Business is NOT

OneDrive for Business is different from OneDrive, which is intended for personal storage separate from your work files.

OneDrive for Business is also different from your Office 365 SharePoint and Team sites, which are intended for storing workgroup and     project-related documents.

It is not intended to replace your network drive.


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