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Migrate Data from an iPhone to a New iPhone


This article will walk you through migrating data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. To complete the steps below you will need:

  1. Your Old iPhone and its Sync Cable
  2. Your new iPhone and its Sync Cable (If the cable is different from your old device)
  3. The latest version of iTunes which can be found here
  4. The computer you used to syncronize your old device.


First Step

Open iTunes and ensure it is up to date. iTunes should prompt you to update if it is not running the latest version. Once iTunes is up and running plug in your old iPhone or other iOS device. The device should appear in the upper right of iTunes as shown here.


Second Step

Click on your iPhone or other iOS device in the upper right corner as indicated in the picture above. You should then see the following screen.


Third Step

In the "Backups" section of the screen, make sure "This Computer" is selected as shown here


Then Click on the "Back Up Now" button as shown below


Fourth Step

While your phone is being backed up the top of iTunes will show you the progress as shown here


When the back up is complete you should see an updated time stamp on the "Backups" section as shown here


Fifth Step

Once your phone has been backed up you may restore your backup by unplugging your old iPhone or iOS device and plugging in your new iPhone or iOS device. 

Once the new phone appears  in iTunes in the upper right corner Click on it as you did with the old phone/device. On the screen that appears click on the "Restore Backup..." button


Sixth Step

After clicking "Restore Backup" a popup should appear as shown below. Click on "Restore".


Once you click on restore, your screen should show a progress bar


While the progress bar is on screen your phone will display "Restore in Progress". 

Seventh Step

After the restore completes your phone will restart and then display the Apple logo and a progress bar. After the progress bar fills the phone will boot all the way up and you may begin using your phone.

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