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Application Catalog FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Application Catalog


Can I use the Application Catalog while I'm working remotely?
Yes, as long as you have an active internet connection. You can use the Application Catalog if you are on campus or off campus.

Downloading some large software applications can use a lot of bandwidth. You may experience installation failures if you are at home and using a slower or unstable internet connection. If you experience failures while trying to install things from the application catalog at home, try again on a campus location.
Do I need to have an administrator password?
No. You do not need to have an administrator account or password in order to install software from the Application Catalog
How do I install an application?

To install software from the Application Catalog, simply:

  1. Open the Application Catalog
  2. Select the application you'd like to install
  3. Click the Install button

For a more detailed walkthrough, see How to Install Software from the IWU Application Catalog.

What is the Application Catalog?
The IWU Application Catalog provides a list of available software programs that you can install on your IWU computer.

The current version of the Application Catalog is only for employees with IWU computers running Microsoft Windows.
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