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Adobe Connect Add-in Incompatibility


This guide identifies an issues preventing Google Chrome from loading the Adobe Connect 8 addin.


When trying to connect to a meeting using Chrome, it will request to install an Adobe Connect Add-in. Upon attempting to install it, it will fail a request that the add-in be installed again. The meeting can still attended, but it will be lacking full functionality.


These are the steps to resolve the problem. Describe fixes for known errors and give error recovery steps. Offer actions to correct the problem. 

  1. An alternate browser can be used such as Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  2. Alternative, type chrome://plugins in a browser tab.
  3. Expand "Details" in the upper-right area of the screen.
  4. Click "Disable" for the PPAPI Flash plug-in. Ensure that the NPAPI Flash plug-in listed below the PPAPI Flash plug-in is not disabled.
  5. Refresh the browser tab.


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