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Self Service Other Balance is Wrong

Documents a problem with an incorrect Other balance showing in certain places in Colleague Self-Service.


In Colleague Self-Service, an incorrect balance shows next to Other - Balance: in the drop-down box on Financial Information > Account Activity causing students to believe they either have a credit or outstanding charge as shown below:




Root Cause

This issue is caused by a display bug in Colleague Self-Service which places the incorrect balance in the drop-down box when adjustments are made to charges that were not associated with a term (non-term).  The issue is supposed to be corrected as of Self-Service 2.30.


If Terms were not added to these charges and credits, you must submit a support ticket to IT to have the issue corrected.

The issue can be prevented by always ensuring the appropriate Term is used when managing charges, credits, and adjustments to student accounts in Colleague using AJIN, MCRG, or RMAS screens:




When the charges are associated to a term, they become part of the normal statement as shown below:


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