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How-to Use iXY Mobile Microphone

Steps for Setup

Step 1. Using the clamp release tool supplied, place the tip of the tool into the space between the metal body of the iXY and the rubber mount, and gently push the tool inwards until you feel clamp release. 

Step 2. Turn the iXY over and repeat the same procedure. The clamp should pop out with minimal effort. 

Step 3. To insert the new clamp, ensure that the home button extension on the clamp is in line with the LED on the face of the iXY, and gently press downward until the clamp clicks into place.

Step 4. Check that the clamp is secure before attaching the iXY to your device.

Steps for Recording

Step 1 Connect...

The iXY connects to your iPhone via the Lightning Connector. Ensure the gold dot and LED indicator are on the same side as the screen and push the Lightning connector firmly into place. The LED indicator will glow green to indicate that it is ready to record. 

Step 2 Software...

iXY was designed to be used in conjunction with our broadcast quality field recording app RODE Rec, available from the App Store. The iXY will also work with a wide range of other audio recording apps. Please note that RODE Rec is required to record in 24-bit/96kHz quality.

Step 3 Record!

Get out and start recording! From live music to lectures, business meetings to filmmaking, iXY will give you crystal clear audio. 

Remember that iXY is also incredibly portable, so you have no excuse not to be able to capture highly detailed audio whenever inspiration presents itself!

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