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Ceiling Mounted Projector Will Not Display Video


Sometimes the source buttons don't work (i.e., the image on the screen doesn't change when any of the controller's source buttons are pressed).

Sometimes audio can not be heard.

Almost always, the source content will not appear on the projection screen.


Scenario #1:     The Extron Switcher/Scaler loses connection with the projector. This is not dependent upon network connections, but a point-to-point connection.

Scenario #2:     The WolfVision Cynap or Core Pro loses connection with the projector, due to a changed IP address of the projector. This results in the inability to power on or off the projector, or change the projector's source selection.

Solution for Scenario #1:

Power-cycle the teaching station (In other words, unplug (from the wall outlet) the extension cord that supplies AC power to the teaching station). In some Ott Hall and Burns Hall classrooms, this wall outlet is located inside the cabinet that contains the AV equipment.

Wait 10 seconds, then plug the cable back in, and wait for the boot-up process to complete (usually 90 seconds). This typically causes the devices to begin communicating successfully again.

After that, you may need to power on your source device, if you are using the teaching station PC, document camera, or Blu-Ray player.

Solution for Scenario #2:

A technician must access the settings menu of the projector and manually enter the IP address within the assigned range for that building or regional site. Verify with Network Services before selecting an IP.

Do not use DHCP on the projector, or the control system will not be able to turn on/off the projector. Offer the end-user a projector remote control to turn on and off the projector, as a short term work-around until the IP address can be corrected.

Click here to see how to set the IP address on a Sony laser projector

Click here to see how to set the IP address on an Epson laser projector

Related Solution:

Sometimes after the cords have been disconnected from the wall (as happens when the floors are being cleaned), the Network cables may not get reconnected to the appropriate jacks. Usually these are color coded, so verify that the cable color matches the jack to which it is connected, and that the cable is seated firmly into the jack.

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