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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Zoom Rooms

This page discusses the licensed product called Zoom Rooms; a shared meeting space.


This product includes a software license for the streamlined control of video camera, integrated audio and wireless mirroring (mobile device to a large display). Zoom Rooms can transform any meeting space into a modern, easy to use, powerful collaborative workspace. Institutional Media Technologies recommends a site visit by our AV Consultant, or an external AV integrator, prior to selecting the equipment for a Zoom Room. The expenses listed below are for budget purposes only, and are subject to change. Each space and use case is unique, and a solution that works in one location may not provide satisfactory conferencing results in another.

In short, Zoom Meetings are the software that you use from your computer. Zoom Rooms are physical configurations to make using Zoom Meetings as seamless as possible. With Zoom Rooms, you can enable one-click meeting start, simple wireless (multi)screen sharing, and more. The room can be scheduled through an Outlook calendar, or by walking in and pressing the Start Meeting button.

Current Zoom Rooms at IWU

Currently, IWU has two Zoom Room licenses:

NGM 130, Administration Conference Room

JWAB 201, Executive Conference Room

Hardware Components

A Zoom Room is comprised of the following components:

  1. A desktop computer
  2. A connected Display (TV, monitor, projector and screen)
  3. A microphone
  4. A speaker
  5. A control device (iPad, or Extron touch panel, or an interactive flat panel display) to launch and end the meeting, and adjust the optional PTZ camera and speaker volume.
  6. A wireless keyboard with track-pad (for in-meeting chat)

Software Components

Zoom's licensed Zoom Room software ($49/month, $499/year)

The Zoom Room software can be purchased from our Zoom partner, Diversified, as an add-on to our Zoom educational site license. It can be downloaded from Zoom's website. You may submit a support request for an installation and configuration of Zoom Room, by contacting the support center or the IT portal page.

The PC should have a current educational version of Windows 10 installed.

For Control options, an iPad or Windows Zoom Room control app should be installed, or the Extron TouchLink will have Extron software installed

For scheduling purposes, IWU's Office 365 administrator will need to set up a calendar specifically for the Zoom Room. It will allow any IWU employee to schedule that space.


These are some examples of Zoom Room compatible equipment, which are recommended by IWU for a good balance of performance, value and usability.

Option 1:

Video: Logitech Brio webcam

Audio: Jabra Speak 710

Desktop PC: HP

Control: iPad or HP tablet

  Owner furnished flat panel display

Approximate Total: $1,300

Option 2:

Video/Audio: Logitech MeetUP, auto-framing/speaker-tracking


Control: Extron controller and touch-panel and wireless keyboard and track-pad

  Owner furnished flat panel display

Approximate Total: $3,900

Option 3:

Video/Audio/PC/Control: Dten D7 (55" interactive display with integrated PC, webcam, speakers, and microphones)

Additional Control: wireless keyboard and track-pad

Approximate Total: $4,100

For more information about other hardware options and accessories, please view the Video Conferencing Equipment guide.


There is a 30-day free trial of Zoom Room software. Try it with the approved hardware, and if it isn't worth the annual or monthly license, then consider not paying for it.

By installing the software on the PC, the PC becomes a dedicated Zoom device--it cannot be used for Skype, Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, etc. When it boots up, it will automatically launch Zoom Room.

Some popular equipment are compatible with Zoom video conferencing, but are not compatible with Zoom Room license. Zoom regularly adds their Zoom Rooms compatibility designation to new or updated equipment which meet Zoom's established requirements.

Zoom Rooms are meant for conference rooms, huddle spaces, and classrooms, and do not typically have an available headphone jack for private listening. Consider holding conferences which contain private matters in a separate Zoom meeting (on a laptop or a smart-phone) rather than using the Zoom Room equipment.