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Wireless Microphones

This page links to several pages of information related to wireless microphone use at IWU.

Wireless Microphones in use on Marion Campus

IMT: Wireless Microphones installed in Classrooms


These wireless systems are provided primarily for the function of sound reinforcement (allowing all attendees to hear the holder or wearer of the microphone)

Shure SLX series

These wireless systems are provided primarily for the function of recording the speech or discussion of the participants in the webinar or video conference.


All of the above systems have coordinated channels to avoid interference. The channels should not be changed. Contact the support center if you encounter problems with this equipment.

IMT: Wireless Microphones available for checkout at Media Services, in the Jackson Library

Audio Technica ATW-2100 series

These wireless systems are provided primarily for event support and circulation (check-out by Jackson Library patrons). These channels may need to be changed, depending upon where they will be used.

These are not self-contained PA systems or recording systems, but require integration with other equipment in order to provide the functions of sound reinforcement or audio/video recording or streaming.

SLM: Wireless Microphones used by technicians in large venues (Chapel, Auditoriums, Banquet Halls)

Contact the Sound, Light, and Media Group, or Conference Services for more information on these microphones which are installed in large gathering spaces, or portable units provided along with other sound services offered to conference guests.

TV Station: Wireless Microphones used by Campus Media

Contact the IWU Division of Communications, or Campus Media for information on wireless microphone systems that are used for broadcasting or programming production.

Regional Site Sound Systems with Wireless Microphones

FrontRow ToGo portable PA systems are stand-alone sound reinforcement systems which include a wireless handheld tranmistter, and a belt-pack transmitter with a headset microphone (some include a lapel microphone, too), but the receiver is built into the speaker column, which can be tripod mounted, wall-mounted, or set on a table or shelf. These systems cannot be used in close proximity to one another, because of limited channel offerings: Receiving frequency: 216.025 - 216.875 MHz

Currently, these can be found at the Regional Education Centers at Cleveland and Columbus Ohio, and Kokomo, Indiana.


Future Restrictions on Wireless Spectrum

The FCC is auctioning off, primarily to companies in the Telecom industry, a section of up to 126 MHz of the available spectrum in which wireless microphones currently operate. This will likely mean that all equipment with a tuning range above 566 MHz will, eventually, be illegal to operate, because it will use frequencies owned by the winning bidders of the incentive auctions. Click here for more information.

Where can I use a Wireless Microphone?

Some locations on campus have been determined to have a higher need for use of wireless microphones. These include the larger rooms, based upon seating capacity, or in which it may be difficult to hear speech or discussion if some of the seats are more than 15 feet away.

Find classrooms which have installed wireless microphone systems here.

The Media Services desk, in the Jackson Library, has wireless microphone systems which can be checked out by IWU staff and students, for use with either a camcorder, or a computer, or a sound system. Camcorders and portable sound systems are also available for check out, for academic purposes.

Can I check out a wireless microphone?

If you are wanting to use a wireless microphone in a classroom or meeting space, please first confirm the space reservation, and availability of the resources, by contacting Conference Services at extension x2700.

You may wish to check out a wireless microphone from the Media Services desk in the Jackson Library for the following purposes:

  • you wish to use it in a variety of locations, with a camcorder, for video production
  • you wish to use it with a portable sound system, for sound reinforcement
  • you wish to use it with an installed sound system that either doesn't have wireless mics, or doesn't have enough wireless mics
  • you wish to use it for audio recording with a computer or other recording device, or participation in a webinar or video conference
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