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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Media Services Equipment Circulation

Equipment available for checkout from the Jackson Library Media Services desk.


Casio Laser/LED projectors - available for faculty and administrative employees

HDMI cable, VGA cable, power cord, remote control

Epson, Mitsubishi LCD or DLP projectors - available for all IWU employees

HDMI cable, VGA cable, power cord, remote control

Projection Screen

DaLite - 4:3 aspect ratio, portable tripod stand, 6' and 7' models available

DaLite - InstaTheater; widescreen, built-in skirt

Document Cameras

HoverCam Solo 8+ - USB 3.0; 8 megapixel, small footprint, built-in microphone, can also be used as a webcam

DVD disk drive

USB disk drive connects to your laptop, a PC, or interactive flat panel TV, and when used with VLC player software, can be used to show the DVD video through Zoom or Teams.

Blu-Ray player

Samsung or Sony - plays DVDs, BluRays, CDs, photo CDs, mp3 discs; plays photos, videos and audio from USB flash drive

Portable sound system

Fender System with 2 microphones - tripod speaker stands and extension power cords available

QSC K8 - single powered speaker, 2 mic/line inputs, link out to other sound systems

FrontRow2Go - portable powered speaker with wireless microphones (headset and handheld), Aux line in and out. Tripod stand and charging cable included.


DSLR: Nikon D3200, D3300 or D5200 - each kit has two lens options, USB and HDMI connector cables, records to SD card

Camcorder: Canon Vixia HF R800, records to SD card

GoPro Hero kit, records to XD card

Lytro Light Field camera - lets you re-focus photos after they are taken, requires Lytro's software and included USB cable


Logitech C920 USB webcam

Meeting Owl 360 degree USB webcam

Microsoft USB webcam

Wireless Microphone kit

Audio Technica 2000 wireless - handheld, or lapel microphone kit, with XLR cable for connecting to a sound system, and spare AA batteries

Microphone kit

Audix - handheld wired microphone, with table top stand, and USB adapter cable

FiFine - lapel wired USB microphone

Wireless Presenters and laser pointers

Targus, Logitech, RedStar presenters, with USB receivers

Camera Tripods and stands

Selfie Stick

Tripod, heavy duty

Tripod, lightweight

Reti-cam - phone clamp, to attach phone to a tripod, stand or selfie stick

Digital Audio Recorder

Tascam DR-40 - stereo multi-channel recorder, built-in microphone, dual XLR mic jacks, headphone jack, speaker, backlit LCD screen, XD card slot, stand-mountable

Sony ICD-PX312 - mono mp3 recorder, built-in microphone, 1/8" mic jack, headphone jack, speaker, LCD screen, XD card slot

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