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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Requesting A Flat Panel HDTV


Flat Panel Displays in Classrooms or Labs

List of current Flat Panel Displays in Conference Rooms


Consider the following before requesting a flat panel HDTV:

Future planning

Please be aware that consumer electronics, like TV’s and Apple TV’s have a predictable lifespan, typically between 5-10 years, after which IWU requires the owner to fund the replacement of the equipment, due to the following concerns of aging equipment:


1.expiration of warranty (we purchase 4 or 5-year protection plans with all flat panel Tvs larger than 65". Warranty is optional for smaller sizes);

2.perception of quality (unfortunately, the perception of the IWU brand can be negatively influenced by equipment which looks old, unkempt, or damaged); liability or vulnerability, especially of devices connected to the (wired or wireless) network;

4.availablity of support (labor and parts);

5.efficiency (newer electronics almost always consume less power than older electronics). of people who may be in proximity of the electronic devices. Environments with high humidity, exposure to chemicals or excessive dust are more prone to ignite, or melt plastics, which can emit harmful odor.


Financial impact planning

Please be aware that there are financial implications attached to the purchase and installation of a flat panel HDTV.

There are electrical costs, both of installation, and ongoing power consumption.

There are HVAC costs, because electronic devices do emit heat, which can increase the cost of cooling, and can alter the effectiveness of thermostats located nearby,

There are bandwidth issues related to devices connecting to the wired and wireless network. Many new Smart TVs have wireless access points built-in, which can be confusing to mobile devices when not connected to an internet connection.


For these reasons, IWU’s Information Technology has instituted a technical equipment refresh cycle, and will encourage you to budget for the replacement of this equipment, starting at about the 4th year after the original purchase (for digital signage) and 7th year (for classroom and office use). To discuss the predicted life span of equipment in your department or office space, please contact the office of Institutional Media Technologies.