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Flat Panel Display in Classrooms and Labs


In unique and challenging environments, the best solution for students to see a video or computer display requires the installation of a flat panel TV on a side wall.

Flat Panel TV

A flat panel TV in a classroom or lab is typically connected to the video output of the teaching station's video switcher. In other words, whatever source is selected at the teaching station, will be visible on the flat panel TV.

The benefits of a flat panel TVIMG_0374.JPG

A flat panel TV takes up wall space, but has no footprint in a sometimes crowded classroom or lab. The image is brighter than most projectors can achieve in a well-lit classroom or lab.  The size is limited by affordability and available wall space. Students may appreciate looking at a flat panel screen if their view of the projected image is obstructed by other students, by equipment, or because the viewing angle is too obtuse. Often, the flat panel TV is mounted on articulating arms, and can be adjusted manually to avoid glare from lights, or reflection of light from windows or doors.

How and when to use a flat panel TV in a classroom or lab

Use the flat panel just as you use the projector in a classroom. It is there for students to view, especially the students who don't have a good view of the image projected by the ceiling or wall-mounted projector.

To use the flat panel TV, turn on your Display by the touch panel on top of your teaching station, or the Media Link Controller in the wall or table. In some cases, a button is available for independent power control of the flat panel, by which you can turn off the flat panel if you are not using it. Remember to turn off the flat panel TVs and projectors, by pressing the OFF button on the teaching station's touch panel or Media Link Controller.

Related flat panel policy

If you are considering an installation of a Flat Panel in a classroom, a conference room, or a lab, please Click here to view information on IWU's flat panel procurement policy.


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