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Standard classroom control


What do these buttons do?

Press the Display On button to turn on the projector.

Remember to press the Display Off button when you are done using the projector

Press the PC button to share the desktop PC to all displays in the room

Press the Laptop (or HDMI) button to share a connected laptop or mobile device to all displays in the room

Press the Wireless button to show instructions for wirelessly casting a laptop or mobile device to all displays in the room

Options include Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast

Note: Personal (non-IWU-issued) Mac and iOS devices may not work with Airplay in these classrooms

Press the Mute button to blank out the projected image on the projector and silence the audio.


What devices are being controlled by this Extron controller?

  1. The Display On/Off buttons are controlling the projector (or TVs)
  2. The Volume knob is controlling the audio being sent from the Extron switcher/scaler to the audio amplifier.
  3. The Source buttons (like PC, Laptop, and Wireless) are selecting and routing the selected input to the output of the Extron switcher/scaler.
  4. The Mute button is instructing the Extron switcher/scaler to send a black-out image to the projector and silence all audio.

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