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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Burns Hall of Science and Nursing

Burns Hall Classrooms, Conference Rooms & Labs

Click a link below to view available audio and video display technology located in that room.

BHSN 100 Nursing Ward+

BHSN 102 Nursing Ward+

BHSN 103 Lecture Hall

BHSN 104 Nursing Ward+

BHSN 116 suite: Nursing Skills Lab+

BHSN 116 Nursing Conference Room+

BHSN 120A DNP Teaching Lab^

BHSN 120B DNP Debriefing Room+

BHSN 120C Nursing Ward+

BHSN 121 Classroom

BHSN 130 Porter Auditorium*^

BHSN 201 Anatomy & Physiology Lab+

BHSN 202 Biology Lab

BHSN 203 Lecture Hall

BHSN 204 Biology Lab

BHSN 212 Microbiology Lab

BHSN 215 Microbiology Lab

BHSN 220 Classroom^

BHSN 222 Therapy Lab^

BHSN 230 Classroom^+

BHSN 239 Active Learning Classroom*

BHSN 300 Chemistry Lab

BHSN 302 Chemistry Lab

BHSN 304 Chemistry Lab+

BHSN 323 Physics Lab^

BHSN 319 Physics Lab

BHSN 336 Electronics Lab^

BHSN 341 Classroom

BHSN 342 Classroom



* Teaching Stations with Cynap control system

^Short-Throw Interactive Projectors

+Flat Panel Displays in classrooms & labs

Audio & Video Signal Cable Connection Plates

Extron Push Button Controller


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