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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Stadium Sound System Procedures

Audio Console Setup and Operation

Turn on System power (the switch located beneath the Yamaha sound console)

  • Turn on Console (switch located in the back right of mixer)
  • Turn on each Yamaha Monitor (located ~3” from bottom right of monitor)
  • Select the Stadium setting on the Extron touch panel controller

Console Operation on Game Day (Simple)


The console is setup so most inputs are routed to each channel (one to one).  For simple game day there are User Defined Keys (shortcuts) designed to make operation simpler.  (These can be changed by an administrator)


 They are:


#9 Microphones (all wireless, plus House Announcer, and Broadcast mics)

#10  House Announce, REF #1 & #2, Wireless Handheld (HH) 1-4, and playback

#11 & 12 Changes Screen view (Single Selected Channel vs Multi Channel)


Console Operation on Game Day (Complex)


Please consult with Conference and Event Services regarding additional staffing


Press Box Monitors (Yamaha Monitors)


Cue (feature which allows you to hear each channel individually, or the mix as it is heard through the stadium speakers)

  • Press the desired Channel’s Cue Button
  • Press the Cue Level virtual knob on the Lower Right  portion of the screen (so the ring around the knob turns pink)
  • Turn up the level on the “Touch and Turn” knob just to the right of the screen.
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