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VIP Suites AV

VIP Suites AV
This suite looks out over the end zone of the football stadium. It is divisible into three rooms: 200, 202, & 204.

This guide provides an overview of the AV features of the VIP suites on the 2nd floor of the Football support building, and contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations.


Each of the 3 rooms in this suite has a wall-mounted TV.


Each of the TVs in this suite has the following input connections available:

  • local HDMI laptop cable, plugged into the wall plate beneath the TV; TV must be on Input HDMI 1.
  • HDMI connection from central equipment rack, in the middle room, 202 (this connects one laptop to all three TVs); each TV must be on Input HDMI 2.


Each of the 3 rooms has a wall-mounted Extron push-button controller, which can:

  • turn the TV on/off
  • adjust the volume of the content shown on the TV, use the wireless TV remote which is kept in the bottom drawer in room 202, or by pressing the up and down volume buttons on the side panel of the TV in each room.
  • switch the source, between HDMI 1, and HDMI 2.
    • HDMI 1 is the local laptop connection, beneath the TV
    • HDMI 2 selects the HDMI connection in room 202, which is broadcast wirelessly to the TV in each room.

Room 202 HDMI distribution hub  VIP Suites control panel  What HDMI 2 looks like when no source is connected to the HDMI input


Each of the 3 rooms has 4 ceiling mounted speakers, providing sound reinforcement of the Announcer and music as heard through the stadium speakers. Audio volume is controlled by the volume up and down buttons on the wall-mounted Extron push-button controller.

Any content shown on the TV of that room will be heard through the TV's speakers. Audio volume is controlled by the TV remote controls, or the buttons on the left side panel of each TV.


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