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Leonard Mills Board Room


This conference room has a teaching station, sound system, and two displays.

  • Ceiling projector and Projection Screen on front wall
  • 42" confidence monitor, visible only to the podium and chairman's bench
  • For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1920 x 1080 Aspect Ratio 16:9


The teaching station will provide multiple sources which can be shown on one or more of the displays:

  • Laptop- HDMI, at the podium (a laptop is provided)
  • BluRay disc player, in the closet, behind the podium


  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Volume control on the Extron control panel

  • Wireless lapel microphone

  • Podium gooseneck microphone

  • 3 Gooseneck microphones at the chairman's bench

  • PZM boundary microphones at each table, positioned between two people (each has an on/off button and status LED)



Please request a webcam (Meeting Owl), to connect to the laptop computer, if conducting a video conference here.

Optional: An audio cable hangs on the inside door of the equipment rack, near the podium. Connect this to an audio console to provide a record/stream mix to a laptop for conferencing.

CAUTION: Do not use the audio cable for recording/streaming with the installed laptop at the podium, unless you first disconnect the HDMI cable from the laptop's display output-- or prevent audio from being sent out via HDMI. Failure to do this may cause a loud, undesirable audio feedback loop.


The Extron control panel or the iPad, on the podium provides the only means of controlling the audio and video signals, including power to the display and confidence monitor. The sound reinforcement (microphones) work without the video system being turned on, but the only means of adjusting the volume is with the iPad controller or the Extron touch panel.

Note: The ceiling projector must be turned on using the Epson remote control. point it at the projector and press the blue ON button. The control system on the iPad will turn the projector off when the Power icon is pressed, so you won't have to use the remote control to turn the projector off.

Find further instructions here.

Board Laptop.jpg  Board Monitor.JPG  displayBoard BluRay.JPG  Board PZM mic.JPG  Board WL mic.JPG 

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