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Recreation Wellness Center - 254


Flat Panel TV Monitors are located in  the front and back of the room.

Please set your laptop's resolution to 1080p. Aspect Ratio 16:9


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  • Laptop PC connection: HDMI with ring of adapters
  • Wireless Casting


Classroom View

RWC254-1.jpg     RWC254-2.jpg




When using the HDMI cable under the front TV
        1) Plug the HDMI cable into the device you are using
        2) Turn on both TVs in the classroom
        3) Make sure the LG TV (located in the front of the classroom) is on HDMI input 2 by using the LG TV remote control
        4) Make sure the Toshiba TV (located in the back of the classroom) is on HDMI input 3 by using the Toshiba TV remote control
        5) When you are finished, make sure to turn off both TVs in the classroom

When casting:
        1) Turn on the LG TV (located in the front of the classroom)
        2) Press and hold the Windows key while pressing the "K" button
        3) After a scan for wireless display devices finishes, Select "[LG] webOS TV NANO90UPA" from your list of wireless displays
        4) Once connected, your content will appear on the front LG TV but not the back Toshiba TV
        5) When you are finished casting, click the "disconnect" button at the top of your device you are using
        6) Turn off the LG TV

For more information about casting visit:

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