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Video Conferencing in a Classroom using the Newline Interactive Flat Panel

Locate a Newline Interactive Flat PanelNewline X5

  • Roll the Newline Interactive Flat panel into the room, if it does not reside in the classroom.
  • Devices are available in
    • Florence Education Center,
    • Elder Hall 232,
    • Elder Hall 351,
    • Goodman Hall,
    • Noggle Christian Ministries Center,
    • Wesley Seminary,
    • Ott Hall

Connect to a classroom teaching station (optional)

  • Connect the Newline, using an HDMI cable from the Newline's HDMI OUT jack, to the HDMI cable where a Laptop would typically be connected, on top of the teaching station.
    • On the teaching station's control panel, select the source labeled HDMI 2.
    • On the teaching station's control panel, press the Display ON button to turn on the projector.
    • Adjust volume of the ceiling speakers by turning the volume knob on the teaching station's control panel
  • Connect the Newline's power and network cables to the jacks on top of the teaching station.
  • Now you can display the video content of the Newline on the projection screen.
  • Now the sound from the Newline will also be heard through the ceiling speakers.

Join a virtual meeting or video conference

  • Log in to Windows, and Zoom, or Teams, on the Newline's internal PC.
  • Use the camera and microphone array built into the Newline, to capture and share the in-room meeting participants, or presenter.
  • Adjust the volume of the remote participants, by using the Newline's remote control, or the volume knob on the teaching station.
  • Now the camera and microphone from the Newline can 'see' and 'hear' the people in the room, and share it with remote video conference participants who are not in the room.
  • Now the entire screen of the Newline can be shared with the remote video conference participants.
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