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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Video Conferencing Cart

Zoom Cart (2.0)

Newline TruTouch Interactive flat panel solution is both a standalone interactive flat panel, and a mobile conferencing solution that can be added to any meeting space, regardless of installed equipment. See this page for details.

Current locations of the VC Cart 2.0 are:

Florence Education Center;

Elder Hall 232 and 351;

Goodman Hall 106;

Noggle Christian Ministries Center;

Wesley Seminary 102

Ott Hall 460-A

Elder Hall 232, 351  Newline_LeedyBedford.jpeg

Video Conferencing Cart (1.0)

This mobile cart can be reserved through the campus room registration system, (25Live) or by contacting Conference Services, or a Site Manager.

The cart contains a Pan/Tilt/Zoom webcam, a number of wireless microphones, and a flat panel preview monitor.

The cart can only be used in a classroom that has the proper infrastructure installed, connecting to the classroom's Desktop PC.

VC cart1 view.JPG VC cart1 front.JPG

How to Connect

The cart has three (3) cables that must be plugged in to function correctly.

The power cable must be plugged into the nearest wall electric outlet. Note: If you hear beeping, that means the wireless microphone charger is not receiving power.

The Audio Cable must be plugged into the XLR jack.

The Network Cable must be plugged into the RJ-45 jack labeled Video (Important! Do not plug this into any other network jack!).

Next, the desktop PC must be powered on and logged into a user account that has permission to install USB drivers. If you encounter problems with the driver installation that requires an administrator's password, please contact the Support Center.

Log into your video conferencing or video chat application to test and use  the video camera and microphones, which will be detected by the computer as a connected webcam.

Compatible Rooms

The following locations are compatible with the Video Conference Carts (version 1):

  • Burns Hall of Science and Nursing 120A
  • Indianapolis North Education Center, all classrooms with Desktop PCs
  • Cincinnati Education Center, all classrooms with Desktop PCs