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Recalling a Sent Email Or Removing an Email Sent by Mistake


This page will walk you through "recalling" an email that was sent to the wrong recipients within the IWU Mail system. This will not work if the email was sent to the wrong recipients outside of the IWU email system (their email ends in something other than

If an email sent in error has legal ramifications please see the "IT Intervention" section at the bottom of this page.

Recalling the Email

First Step

  • Open up Outlook on a Windows Computer
  • Locate the email you wish to recall inside your Sent Items

  • Double Click on the email to open it up in a new window

Second Step

  • Click on the dropdown next to Actions
  • Select Recall This Message..
  • On the next screen click OK



Message Recall will only work on unread messages. If recipients have already read the email, you will receive a notice that the recall failed.

IT Intervention on Emails Sent to Wrong Recipients

The steps above should be followed whenever an email is sent to the wrong recipients accidentally. However, in circumstances where IWU has a legal obligation due to HIPPA, FERPA, Information Security, or other legal or contractual requirements IT may provide assistance. Only in these circumstances can IT issue a "purge" to remove the email from all inboxes that IWU controls.

Requesting IT Intervention

Contact IT Information Security by emailing IT security will evaluate the need and consult with IWU Legal Council and issue the request for the emails to be purged from IWU mailboxes.


IT is not able to purge emails from mailboxes that exist outside of IWU.
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