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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Things To Know


This section provides an overview of Things to Know about the IWU Telephone system.


Question and Answers

Q: Is there voicemail for the students?

A: No. At this time, voice mail is available to selected faculty and staff only. Students are permitted to use answering machines, but they are not supported by IWU's IT staff.


Q: What public facilities are available for making phone calls?

A: The Marion campus does not have pay phones, but has many public use courtesy phones in the public areas of most buildings for your use. You can use a long distance calling card to make long distance calls from any campus phone.


Q: How do I make long distance calls when I am on campus?

A: Long distance calls can be made from your dorm room phone using a calling card. Under no circumstance will students be permitted to charge long distance calls or any other telecommunications services directly to the University.


Q: How do you call other extensions on the campus?

A: From any campus phone, you can dial any other campus phone as a 4 digit extension.


Q: Can I bring my own phone and use it on the campus system?

A: Yes. Most analog phones will work fine on the University's phone system. However, should you experience difficulty using your own equipment, the IT staff will only be responsible to ensure that the system works with University equipment.


Q: Are phones provided for on-campus students?

A: Yes. Each residence hall room and each apartment bedroom is equipped with one telephone. Each phone has a DID (direct inward dial) number assigned to it so that anyone who has your number can call you directly without going through an attendant.

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