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Clear temporary internet files


Explains how to clear cache / temporary internet files for multiple browsers. It's a good idea to perform this on occasion to keep your pages loading properly. This can also be a good first step in resolving any issues you have with accessing different websites or forms online.

Hard Refresh

A hard refresh is similar to clearing your cache, but rather than deleting all cached web pages, it only forces your browser to re-load the current page without relying on cached content. This is the simplest and fastest method for resolving odd issues or display issues on a webpage.

How to perform a Hard Refresh

  • Visit the webpage that is troublesome
  • Use the steps from the table below for the operating system (Windows, macOS) and browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) that matches your environment:
Operating System (OS)   Steps
Internet Explorer
All of the major browsers in Windows Use the same steps:
  • Hold Ctrl and then press F5
macOS / OSX Safari

Hold Option and Command and then press E


Firefox and Chrome both use the same steps in macOS:

  • Hold Command and Shift then press R
  • At this point, the page should reload without using the cache
  • If you still experience issues with the page, try deleting your browser's cache (See the section below)

Deleting Browser Cache

Browsers are routinely updated by their providers (Microsoft, Mozilla for Firefox, Google for Chrome etc.). Because of this, we are providing a link to a third party site that will walk you through clearing the cache of your browser of choice.

How to Clear Your Cache

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