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HP Warranty Repair Ticket


How to submit a HP Warranty Repair Ticket for PROSYS



To get started...

  1. After receiving a iSupport ticket for Warranty repair, find the computer associated with the ticket
  2. Visit this link to submit the Warranty Repair to PROSYS
    1. https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form?EQ...bac8bc7fed54d8
  3. Enter the following fields
    1. Customer Name
    2. Manufacturer
    3. Manufacturer Serial #
    4. Manufacturer Product #
    5. Manufacturer Model #
    6. Problem description
    7. Customer Asset Tag
    8. Location to pickup equipment
    9. Customer Technician Name
    10. Customer Technician #
  4. Check the box for "send me a copy of my responses"
    1. Enter Supervisors email
  5. Submit Ticket
In order to protect data on repair items, Prosys has a privacy agreement with IWU to protect data. We may send computers to them for repair without wiping data clean. If you are using a different provider, ensure data is protected or removed before sending in for repair.

What's Next

You have completed a warranty repair ticket. PROSYS will pick and drop off equipment with paperwork.

You may check repair status here

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