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Preparing for planned power outages


Occasionally UIT is notified of planned power outages.  When this happens, preparations should be made to ensure electronic equipment and devices are not damaged by the power outage or by a power surge when power is restored.  Following are general guidelines for various types of equipment.



Power off.

Digital Signage and Televisions

If power is easily accessible (TV is mounted far from the wall) it is preferred to unplug flat panel TVs. However please do not unmount TVs in order to unplug.

Printers/Multi-function devices

Power off.


It is preferable to not unplug the cord from the back of the projector itself as that may cause alignment issues with the projector image. Instead unplug from the ceiling outlet whenever possible.

Teaching Stations

Teaching stations should be unplugged prior to planned power outage.  Make sure computers are powered off before unplugging the teaching station.


Please note
Only the main power cord needs to be unplugged from the outlet. To avoid complications when reconnecting teaching stations, please leave all other cables plugged in.
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