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Mobile Electronic Device and Home Office Policy


In order for certain positions within Indiana Wesleyan University ("University" or "IWU") to effectively fulfill their job responsibilities, the University needs to provide a mobile electronic device (mobile phone, smart phone or tablet) or a home office expense reimbursement. The purpose of this policy is to define eligibility, approval levels, and other requirements to assure the most efficient and effective utilization of these resources.


  1. Mobile Device means an electronic device that is easily transportable and capable of accessing, storing or transmitting information. Mobile devices in this policy refer to tablets, cell phones and Smartphones (such as iPhones)
  2. Home Office means an office that is the primary work station of a full-time employee of the university that is not on university owned or controlled property.
  3. Allowance means a monthly expense reimbursement paid to the employee via direct deposit.

Policy Requirements

As internet service has become more pervasive around the world and in-home internet contracts have become commonplace, the university will no longer reimburse for this expense for those employees that have a university provided workstation as of July 1, 2016.

  1. Eligibility
    1. ​University owned smartphones are only provided to Vice Presidents or above with the approval of the responsible Executive Council member.
    2. A University owned mobile phone or allowance may be provided for job duties where the employee is either often away from the office and needs to be accessible on short notice, or in a position where he or she is expected to be “on call” on a regular basis outside of normal office hours.
    3. A home office expense allowance will be paid to those full-time employees whose primary workstation is in a home office and the employee is not provided workspace at any IWU location.
    4. In general, iPads or similar tablet devices are not provided by the University. If an employee believes their job requires a tablet the request for permission to purchase this device must be submitted to the responsible Executive Council member and Vice President for Business Affairs/CFO. This request must provide a detailed rationale outlining the academic or business use of the device that demonstrates relevant need and institutional benefit.
    5. The requirements for a university phone or allowance should be documented in the official job description for the employee’s position.
    6. In general, due to restrictions imposed under the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding overtime pay regulations, a university cell phone or allowance should not be issued to non-exempt (hourly) employees. This restriction is in place to minimize working outside the employee’s regularly scheduled hours. All time spent on any university business (including work through a cell phone or smart phone) is considered compensatory and must be reported by the employee.
    7. Departments with multiple on-call employees should consider using a general on-call issued mobile phone which is issued to the employee only when they are serving in an on-call capacity.
    8. There is an expectation that employees may periodically receive work related calls from time to time on a personal mobile phone. This does not justify the request for a university provided phone or allowance.
    9. Determination of eligibility for a university phone or allowance according to this policy is the responsibility of the applicable Vice President. It is the responsibility of each Vice President and Executive Council member to maintain overall fiscal stewardship and equity in their area in regards to the application of this policy. The Vice President for Business Affairs & CFO will review all requests submitted to ensure consistency is being applied on an institutional level.
  2. For those employees who meet eligibility requirements and have obtained applicable approvals, the following guidelines apply to mobile devices and allowances.
    1. ​University Owned Mobile Phones
      1. ​IWU will provide a standard mobile phone to an employee when eligibility requirements are met and the employee cannot use the allowance method because they don't have a personal phone contract.
      2. IWU will provide an IWU owned smart phone to Vice Presidents and above with Executive Council representative approval.
      3. All University Owned Mobile Phones & Smart Phones are eligible for upgrade every two years.
      4. The University reserves the right to determine the model and timing of the upgrade to ensure the university receives the most beneficial pricing and administrative efficiency.
      5. In general, IWU will issue a one year older model of phone to take advantage of reduced pricing.
    2. IWU will reimburse an employee $20 per month for a mobile phone allowance for those that meet eligibility requirements. Employees are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their mobile phone service and equipment.
    3. Monthly Reimbursement for Home Office Expenses
      1. ​A $70/month reimbursement is available for a full-time employee who works from home and is not provided office space at any IWU location.
      2. The reimbursement is intended to cover:
        1. ​All phone expenses
        2. All internet expenses
        3. All electronic expenses
        4. Use of home space
        5. Office Supplies
    4. Some tablets are able to be configured with cellular communications in addition to standard WiFi networking. The university will purchase tablets with WiFi access only; the tablet must not include cellular communications.
    5. All tablet purchases must be coordinated through University Information Technology.
    6. Purchases of software applications for mobile devices on University accounts must be accompanied by an explanation detailing the relevant academic or business need for the application.
    7. All applicable equipment and monthly charges will be charged to the employee’s departmental budget.
    8. Users of University-owned mobile devices agree to abide by the information security guidelines established by the University and supported by UIT. Users will be required to enable device-level security as outlined by UIT.
    9. Note that misuse of the personally owned or IWU owned mobile device for university business in ways inconsistent with university policy or with local, state or federal laws, may result in the immediate cancellation of the device or the monthly reimbursement and the employee may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings.
    10. Promptly report all lost or stolen IWU mobile devices to the office of Vice President for Business Affairs & Chief Financial Officer.
    11. Request for mobile phones, and home office allowances must be requested on an annual basis. No retroactive payments will be allowed.
    12. Due to the high cost of processing paper checks, only those who complete the Accounts Payable Bank Form allowing IWU to direct deposit this reimbursement will be eligible for the monthly phone allowance or home office reimbursement.
  3. Home Internet
  4. Use of Electronic Devices While Driving

Mobile devices should not be used to conduct university business while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Employees that need to use a mobile or data device while operating a motor vehicle are expected to utilize a speakerphone or hands-free headset.

Procedure for Automatic Monthly Reimbursement


  1. Annually complete the IWU Mobile Communication Recurring Voucher which can be found on the Portal (Operations/Accounting tab). A copy of the employee’s most recent monthly mobile phone statement is required to be included with the reimbursement form.
  2. If you have not done so, complete the Accounts Payable Bank Form on the Portal allowing IWU to direct deposit this reimbursement.
  3. Procurement Services Department will process a monthly recurring reimbursement direct deposit, typically completed in the middle of each month. Payments are made in whole month increments and will begin upon receipt of the form. As stated in the policy, retroactive payments will not be allowed.


**Please Note**

Cell Phone Policy is subject to change. It is the responsibility of the department and employee to review the policy annually to minimize confusion.


Responsible Official

Chief Financial Officer



Approved By: President's Executive Council
Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer
Contact Number for Questions/Interpretations: Office of the VP for Business Affairs, 765-677-2605

Originally Issue: July 1, 2006

Revision Date(s): April 2016

Policy Search Terms/Alternate Names:  
Who Should Know this Policy: All employees who require a mobile electronic device or home office.


Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.

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