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Affiliate Access Policy


Approved By:


Responsible Officer:

Executive Director for Human Resources

Contact Number for Questions / Interpretations:

Human Resources – ext. 2117

Responsible Offices:

Human Resources and Risk Management


Originally Issued:

Revision Date(s):

Policy Search Terms / Alternate Names:

Affiliate Access Policy

Related Policies:

Standards of Conduct; Community Lifestyle Standards



Who Should Know This Policy:

Any IWU employee sponsoring an affiliate individual who is not employed by the University or who is not a student of the University, but requires access to protected or confidential resources or individuals.













The purpose of the affiliate Access Policy is to establish uniform procedures for screening and engaging individuals who are not employed by the University or who are not University students, and to balance the following considerations:

  • The desirability of allowing affiliates to use University information resources; and,
  • The need to protect and minimize legal risk to both the University and the individual involved.


Individuals who fall under this policy are uncompensated individuals who perform services directly related to the business of the University, support the activities of the university, or gain experience in specific endeavors. By definition, the individuals perform services without promise, expectation or receipt of any compensation, future employment or any other tangible benefit.

This defined group of activities generally fall into two types of services, based on the varying degrees of risk associated with each: services not requiring an Affiliate Services Agreement; and services requiring an Affiliate Services Agreement. The lists that follow are not exhaustive; they are intended to provide guidelines when considering this kind of engagement.

Note: For some individuals and groups that fall into this category, the following may not be appropriate (e.g., advisory council members, trustees). If you believe such an exception to these categories exists, contact Risk Management and Compliance for guidance.

Services Not Requiring the Affiliate Agreement to be on File

The following activities are generally considered low-risk, and do not require a completed Services Agreement:

  • Advisory council participation
  • Clerical work not requiring computer systems access
  • Commencement volunteer
  • Gallery/program guide
  • Phone-a-thon volunteer
  • Public speaker
  • Homecoming, Grandparent’s Day

Services Requiring the Affiliate Agreement to be on File

The following activities do require a completed Services Agreement to be on file:

  • Laboratory work
  • Professional services, such as those performed by accountants, architects, doctors, engineers, etc.
  • Travel of any kind
  • Needing computer systems access
  • Work with confidential information
  • Work with minors

Policy Guidelines

In order to qualify for this policy all of the following must be adhered to:

  1. An individual must be willing to provide services according to this policy.  They must complete and sign the Services Agreement (if required).
  2. Individuals requiring an Affiliate Services Agreement must successfully pass a comprehensive criminal background check through the Human Resources Department.
  3. The University does not intend for individuals assigned to this policy to perform or displace work that is presently being performed by University employees.
  4. Arrangements may not be used to circumvent the established processes that govern standard University-authorized hires.
  5. University employees may not be members of this policy in any capacity in which he/she is employed by the University, or which is essentially similar to the individual's regular work at the University, or under circumstances that suggest the decision to move under this policy is not made freely.
  6. All members of this policy must establish proof of identity and citizenship or permanent residency to the Human Resources Department.
  7. If the individual is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, he/she must provide documentation of his/her visa status. An individual holding a temporary visa may not serve under this policy in a position where others receive compensation or perform the same services. An individual with a pending H-1B visa application to work at the University cannot serve under this policy. This policy may not be used as a way to avoid or defer compliance with the employment eligibility requirements of federal immigration laws.
  8. All members of this policy shall be sponsored by the department they are working with, and the head of that department shall be responsible to notify Human Resources and University Information Technology of the change of status, including discontinuing service to the University and terminate network access, respectively.  UIT will require approval of network access each six (6) months.
  9. An individual falling under this policy is considered an agent of the University while performing assigned duties and is expected to abide by University policies and internal/external regulations which govern his/her actions, including Anti-Harassment, Unlawful Discrimination, Standards of Conduct, Community Lifestyle Standards, Drug-free Workplace, Workplace Violence, FERPA, Confidentiality, and Computer Usage.
  10. No promise or expectation of any form of compensation, benefits, or future employment with the University may be made to anyone assigned to this policy.
  11. Both the University and the individual assigned to this policy have the right to end the relationship at any time, for any reason, and without advance notice. 
  12. If driving is a duty for this position, they must possess a valid driver’s license and pass a motor vehicle records check conducted by the Transportation Office.
  13. Individuals assigned to this policy must receive written vice presidential authorization for the following:
    1. Making purchases with University funds
    2. Gaining budgetary authority
    3. Accessing University buildings outside of normal work hours
  14. Individuals assigned to this policy do not have an employment relationship with the University on any grounds or for any reason and are not covered by federal or state wage laws, and are not eligible for any University benefit, including Workers’ Compensation, unless required by state law.
  15. Individuals assigned to this policy are prohibited from performing the following activities: operating heavy equipment, working with hazardous materials, working with stored energy (e.g., physical energy stored in air, gas, steam, water pressure, or in springs, elevated machines, rotating flywheels, fans, hydraulic systems, etc.), any activity considered inappropriate for a regular employee of the University, and working with bio-hazards or infectious material unless appropriate training has been received.
  16. Payment for Individuals assigned to this policy is not permitted under any circumstance; however, the supervisor retains discretion on whether Individuals assigned to this policy would be reimbursed for actual or reasonable expenses.  Reimbursements may not be used as a substitute for compensation.

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