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Cyber-Smearing and Blogging Policy


  1. Making false, misleading or derogatory statements about the University, its educational services or any of its staff on the Internet not only violates University policy, but may violate the law (and such statements may violate the law even if made by a person who is no longer with the University.)
  2. Persons who post information regarding the University, its employees, services, programs, customers or competitors must make clear that views expressed in the blog are theirs alone and do not represent the views of the University.
  3. Employees are not permitted to discuss, directly or indirectly, any University information deemed by Administration to be confidential and/or proprietary.
  4. As will all communications, persons communicating through blogs are expected to treat the University and its employees, customers and competitors with respect.


This policy will affect students, employees and faculty.


12-Mar-2012 - This policy is a draft and is not yet in effect.

12-Mar-2012 - Excerpt from Employee Handbook

09-Apr-2012 -  Reviewed by Jeff Bowen, Director of Client Services


Policy Information

Employee Policy     400.02.03


University Information Technology - Client Services

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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