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Student Acceptable Technology Use Policy


This is the overall listing of student technology policies


Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) provides technology systems for the purposes of educating university students, promoting academic research, communicating with university constituents, and administering the daily business of IWU. It is the desire of IWU that technology systems provided by the university be used in a manner that reflects the goals and mission of Indiana Wesleyan. These policies have been established to promote an environment that is safe and secure for all constituents and encourage students to act in a professional and responsible manner.

All technology usage at Indiana Wesleyan University is a part of community life and therefore the Community Lifestyle Statement applies.

Technology Equipment

Technology equipment provided by the University is the property of IWU, and as such IWU retains the right to remove, reallocate, or change equipment at its discretion. No information residing on any computer hardware owned by IWU should be considered private and therefore is subject to review by University staff.

Reporting abuses of technology equipment is expected as it assists the University in providing functional equipment and services to the IWU community.

Computer and Network Access:

Students shall not access files or retrieve any digitally stored information unless authorized to do so.  Students shall not attempt to gain access to any entity via electronic means without authorization. Examples of activities that are inappropriate include; attempting to gain unauthorized access to computers or networks owned and or operated by another person or group; and use of an account on a shared computer or network other than the one assigned to the user.

Internet Usage:

The IWU Lifestyle Statement applies to all student activities which includes the use of the internet. Inappropriate use of the internet to access sites such as pornography, gambling, illegal downloads of content, and hate speech is outside of legitimate academic research and is therefore prohibited. IWU monitors and filters all internet activity and provides regular reports to the office of the Vice President for Student Development of internet use.


Email account creation / account termination

  • Email accounts are created when a student enrolls for classes at IWU. The accounts are maintained while the student is actively taking classes.
  • Accounts may be terminated for inappropriate use or after graduation, or termination of their enrollment.

Accessing email

  • Email access is achieved via a University supported web browser. These include MS Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Only users for which an email account has been created are approved to use the Indiana Wesleyan University email system.
  • Students are required to protect their user name and password and NEVER share this confidential information.
  • No user should ever allow someone else to use their email account for sending or receiving email unless under direct supervision of the authorized user. By granting access, the authorized user assumes responsibility of any and all activities of the guest user.

Proper and Ethical Use of Email

The email system exists to enhance the communication abilities of the Indiana Wesleyan
University community. It should be used for purposes that enhance communication and
reflect our desire to be Christ-like.

Appropriate Content

At any time and without prior notice, Indiana Wesleyan University administration reserves the right to examine email, personal file directories, and other information stored on Indiana Wesleyan University computers or on services hosted by a third-party on behalf of Indiana Wesleyan University. This examination helps to ensure compliance with internal policies, supports the performance of internal investigations, and assists with the management of Indiana Wesleyan University information systems. As such, the Vice President for Information Technology or any of his/her assigned representatives may monitor the content of email. Use of the email system constitutes acceptance of such monitoring.

This policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with all other Indiana Wesleyan University policies including but not limited to policies prohibiting harassment, discrimination, offensive conduct or inappropriate behavior. Students are expressly prohibited from using email for any unethical purposes, including but not limited to pornography, violence, gambling, racism, harassment, or any illegal activity. Further, transmitting any message that may be perceived as containing derogatory, obscene, profane, lewd, harassing, or inflammatory images or remarks about an individual or group’s race, color,  religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, or other protected class status is strictly prohibited, and is subject to disciplinary action

Indiana Wesleyan University reserves the right to use email filtering/spam blocking technologies in an effort to minimize unsolicited bulk email.  As a result, there may be instances where legitimate email may be inadvertently blocked or quarantined.  In such cases, the office of Information Technology will make every effort to correct those situations.

Email messages cannot be considered private and may be monitored by University personnel.  Such messages may be subject to disclosure to outside  parties, including the court system and law enforcement agencies, under certain circumstances.  Please be aware the email messages are not encrypted and can be viewed by anyone with the intention, ability and equipment to do so.

Student Owned Wireless Router

Improperly configured wireless routers can cause network connectivity problems for many people within the range of the router, and in some cases have caused severe network disruption for an entire residence hall.  

Students are not allowed to attach their own wireless router to IWU's data network in residence halls where wireless access is not already provided throughout the building by Indiana Wesleyan access points.  All residence halls are supplied with wireless access points throughout and monitored for use.

       In order to maximize the reliability of the network for all users, wireless routers that which are discovered, whether causing problems on the network or not, may be disabled/removed from the network.



Printing in labs and the Library is available to all students on a cost per page basis. To print, a student should use his or her 7 digit student ID number as the pin number instead of inserting coins. If the student ID does not have 7 digits, add zero(s) to the beginning of the ID number to total 7 digits. IWU provides an initial $5 of account balance per academic year, which approximately covers the first 100 pages. To add additional funds to an account, students should go to the Print Shop in the Maxwell Center or the Library for assistance. Student deposited or institutionally provided printing funds will not be carried over from the previous academic year to the next.


Students are responsible for complying with copyright law and applicable licenses that apply to software, files, documents, messages and other material they wish to download or copy. Proprietary materials belonging to entities other than the student should not be transmitted on the university’s e-mail system or via the University’s Internet connection. All students obtaining access to any material prepared or created by another company or individual must respect any attached copyrights and may not copy, retrieve, modify or forward such copyrighted materials, except with written permission of the lawful owner. Students receiving electronic files via the Indiana Wesleyan University’s e-mail system or Internet connection should ensure the sender is the lawful owner or has obtained the necessary license.

Use of Indiana Wesleyan University Identity

The Indiana Wesleyan University name, seal, logo, telephone numbers or address are reserved for official University business and may not be used for any other purpose including electronically (fax, internet, etc.) in advertising or for non-University sponsored events without explicit written permission.

Exclusive Property:

All equipment, services and technologies provided to students as part of Indiana Wesleyan University’s computer system constitute the exclusive property of Indiana Wesleyan University. Similarly, all information composed, transmitted, received or stored via the IWU computer system is also considered the property of Indiana Wesleyan University. As such, all stored information is subject to disclosure to management, law enforcement and other third parties, with or without notice to the student.

Policy Remedies

Individuals found to be in violation of any part of the policies listed for students will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the University. Any known or suspected violations of this or any other university policy should be reported immediately to the office of the Vice President for Student Development.



This policy will affect all students.


12-Dec-2017      Policy Revision - ISO

01-Jul-2008        Policy implemented.

Policy Information

Student Policy        400.04.01


University Information Technology

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

V.P. for Student Development

Additional Remarks

No revisions since implementation

Responsible Official        Chief Information Officer

Posted on Wildcat page as part of Student Handbook

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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