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Student Printing Policy


Explanation of the costs regarding printing for students.


Printing in labs and the Library is available to all students on a cost per page basis. To print, a student should use his or her 7 digit student ID number as the pin number instead of inserting coins. If the student ID does not have 7 digits, add zero(s) to the beginning of the ID  number to total 7 digits. IWU provides an initial $5 of account balance per academic year, which approximately covers the first 100 pages. To add additional funds to an account, students should go to the Print Shop in the Maxwell Center or the Library for assistance. Student  deposited or institutionally provided printing funds will not be carried over from the previous academic year to the next.


This policy will affect all students.


01-Jul-2008        Implemented

Policy Information

Student Policy            400.04.08


University Information Technology - Client Services

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

Excerpt from:                Student Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Related Policies:         Student Handbook

Responsible Official:    Chief Information Officer.


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