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Student Technology Equipment Policy


Statement regarding the use of technology on campus by students.


Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) provides technology systems for the purposes of educating university students, promoting academic research, communicating with university constituents, and administering the daily business of IWU. It is the desire of IWU that technology systems provided by the university be used in a manner that reflects the goals and mission of Indiana Wesleyan. These policies have been established to promote an environment that is safe and secure for all constituents and encourage students to act in a professional and responsible manner.

All technology usage at Indiana Wesleyan University is a part of community life and therefore the Community Lifestyle Statement applies.

Technology Equipment

Technology equipment provided by the University is the property of IWU, and as such IWU retains the right to remove, reallocate, or change equipment at its discretion. No information residing on any computer hardware owned by IWU should be considered private and therefore is subject to review by University staff.

Reporting abuses of technology equipment is expected as it assists the University in providing functional equipment and services to the IWU community.


This policy will affect all students.


01-Jul-2008        Excerpt from Student Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Policy Information

Student Policy        400.04.09


University Information Technology - Client Services

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

Related Policies:    Student Handbook

Responsible Official:    CIO 

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