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Preferred Wireless XP

Within your network profile, you can have mulitiple wireless connections stored on your computer. As a laptop is used more and more, a user beings to add more wireless connections for various access points.

These are all stored under the wireless network connection properties, in order from oldest to newest. What this means, is that the laptop will automatically try to connect to the latest added wireless router you connected to. 


An example of this is a user on campus who has connected to both IWU-Staff and IWU-Guest, and wants to set IWU-Staff as the preferred connection.

To change the order of preference, and set one wireless connection higher in preference than the other, use the following steps:


In your notification area, right click on the wireless connection icon, then select "View Available Wireless Connections"



Next, select "Change the order of preferred networks" on the left next to the star.



Finally, in this window, you can order all of your current possible connections. Using the move up and down buttons, select a specific network, and move it to the position you want it to have of preference over the others.


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