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HP Warranty Repair Ticket


How to submit a HP Warranty Repair Ticket for PROSYS



To get started...

  1. After receiving a iSupport ticket for Warranty repair, find the computer associated with the ticket
  2. If needed, verify that the item is under warranty by entering the serial number at hp's support page
    Laptop batteries are warranted for 1 year only no matter what the laptop warranty is
  3. Visit this link to submit the Warranty Repair to PROSYS
  4. Enter the following fields
    1. Customer Name
    2. Manufacturer
    3. Manufacturer Serial #
    4. Manufacturer Product #
    5. Manufacturer Model #
    6. Problem description
    7. Customer Asset Tag
    8. Location to pickup equipment
    9. Customer Technician Name
    10. Customer Technician #
  5. Check the box for "send me a copy of my responses"
    1. Enter Supervisors email
  6. Submit Ticket
In order to protect data on repair items, Prosys has a privacy agreement with IWU to protect data. We may send computers to them for repair without wiping data clean. If you are using a different provider, ensure data is protected or removed before sending in for repair.

What's Next

You have completed a warranty repair ticket. PROSYS will pick and drop off equipment with paperwork.

You may check repair status here

PROSYS will provide a TIcket ID number when they pick up the item, or it can be obtained at the repair status site. Please add this number to the related iSupport ticket.

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