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Purchasing IWU Computer Equipment for Personal Use

Purchasing IWU Computer Equipment for Personal Use

There are times when outdated computer equipment is available for purchase or an employee would like to buy their computer equipment after they have recieved an upgraded computer.


Each request to purchase is reviewed on a case by case basis. Several things are factored in to this decision including the age of the equipment, current available stock of a similar model, make and model of the equipment.

If approved for purchase, UIT will reset the computer to its factory default setup. No data or programs will be kept on the machine for purchase. Computers will only be made available after a two week hold period.


The Purchase price is determined by the original cost of the computer, the age of the computer, and how much functional use UIT determines is left in the computer


IWU will only offer hardware support up to 14 days from the purchase date. No software support will be provided.

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