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Tips and FAQs


A few recommendations for how to get the most out of your recording, and some answers to the most frequently asked questions in the One Button Studio.

Tips for your recording

Come preparedbulb_PNG1250.png

You have a limited amount of time to use the space so...make it count! Know what you will want to present ahead of time.

If using a PowerPoint, use large text

Since your slides won't take up the full screen of your final recording, you will want them to be large, and legible. On a typical PowerPoint presentation, you won't want to use anything smaller than approximately a 32-point font for your text.

Don't wear black clothing

The backdrop in the studio is black fabric, so if you wear a black shirt, top, or suit, you may find yourself "disappearing" into the background.

Look at the camera, not the preview

There is a preview screen that will show what your video will look like. Although it is good to look at this before you press the button, once the recording has started, you will want to look straight ahead at the camera lens.

It is not necessary to use the TV in your video.

The TV on the stand can be moved off-camera to the side of the room, if it isn't needed. Note that you will want to adjust where you are standing, so that you are centered on the screen, if not using the TV and standing on the white "X" on the floor.

Consider using a lectern, stool, whiteboard or other furniture if needed.

Provided in the studio is a mobile lectern on wheels, and a stool. Either of these can be used in your video, if it would be useful to you. If you would like to use a whiteboard for your video, mobile whiteboards are available outside the studio, near the study tables in the library lower level.

If you require assistance let us know.

The One Button Studio can be adjusted for use by those with special needs or mobility issues. Just let us know and we will be happy to assist you with your recording. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I borrow/purchase a USB drive?question-button.gif

The Media Services desk has USB drives available for purchase, or (with university ID) for checkout.

Can I use a video, or PowerPoint with sound in my presentation?

Presentation content with audio, shared from your laptop or the presentation computer, cannot currently be recorded. Still images, logos, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, will work just fine.

Can I tweak the lights or the settings on the camera?


Where can I get an adapter to use with my laptop (to show content on the TV)?

The Media Services desk has adapters for both Mac and PC laptops so that they can be used with the TV. With a valid university ID, you are welcome to check them out for use while you are using the One Button Studio.

Where can I get a "clicker" (or remote presenter) for advancing my slides during my presentation?

The Media Services desk has USB wireless presentation remotes for checkout. With a valid University ID, you are welcome to check them out for use while you are using the One Button Studio.

Can you edit my video for me when I'm finished?

Media conversion services are available at the Media Services desk for a minimal fee (simply burning video files as a DVD, making copies, etc.). If you need editing for your video project, this may be possible, but will require you to consult with an IMT staff member for a specific price estimate.

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